Losing your Job.

I’m a workalcoholic type of person. So, a few days ago when my boss told me I was fired, I was pissed, sad, depressed and lost. The money wasn’t my first worry but imagined me staying at home, re-doing the job interviews, terrified me.

Then, I realized, my dismissal was a blessing in disguise.
I realized how many things I could do, how Paris was beautiful,
how my life was beautiful.

I didn’t had a big revelation, I don’t want to change my carrier, but I have to enjoy my life a little bit more. Maybe taking more risks.
During this first week of job searching ( because even if I love sleeping in the morning and riding my horse everyday, I need to feed myself and pay my rent ). I met some incredible souls and even a soulless dude ( Even if I rocked this interview this guy was an absolute nightmare ).
I have a unusual career, so this search will probably take more time. I hope I’ll find my place, an agency who will share my vision of service, quality and Parisian real estate.

But for now, I will enjoy my (I hope) short freedom. I’ll repost on this blog about Paris, about Job searching, and maybe about real estate !

Capture d’écran 2014-10-30 à 18.40.09Jardin du Palais Royal – September 2014


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