I hope, at one point, life is getting easier. These last weeks have been really hard on different levels.
I’m finally seeing the end of the tunnel. Let’s hope 2015 will be a fabulous year. I want to develop my network, my projects… After what happened in Paris, I was in shock, I wasn’t able to plan anything, nobody close to me died but I was like these people shot me in the head. I am deeply attached to the symbol of liberty. It’s my way of life.

Wait for that is coming next for me. I’m about to embrace change and no one can stop me.


Losing your Job.

I’m a workalcoholic type of person. So, a few days ago when my boss told me I was fired, I was pissed, sad, depressed and lost. The money wasn’t my first worry but imagined me staying at home, re-doing the job interviews, terrified me.

Then, I realized, my dismissal was a blessing in disguise.
I realized how many things I could do, how Paris was beautiful,
how my life was beautiful.

I didn’t had a big revelation, I don’t want to change my carrier, but I have to enjoy my life a little bit more. Maybe taking more risks.
During this first week of job searching ( because even if I love sleeping in the morning and riding my horse everyday, I need to feed myself and pay my rent ). I met some incredible souls and even a soulless dude ( Even if I rocked this interview this guy was an absolute nightmare ).
I have a unusual career, so this search will probably take more time. I hope I’ll find my place, an agency who will share my vision of service, quality and Parisian real estate.

But for now, I will enjoy my (I hope) short freedom. I’ll repost on this blog about Paris, about Job searching, and maybe about real estate !

Capture d’écran 2014-10-30 à 18.40.09Jardin du Palais Royal – September 2014


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